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Don’t feel like paying $80 for a repair you could do yourself? Sew It Works! Essential Guide to Sewing Machine Repair is a do-it-yourself sewing machine repair manual that makes maintenance and troubleshooting more accessible for home sewers. Hundreds of color photographs, straightforward instructions, and helpful tips in this e-book let you see the solution, making repairs easy, not intimidating.

This guide is:
Except from Problem Solver Chapter

  • Visual, not technical. A picture is worth a thousand words. Every solution is illustrated with color photographs and plain English.
  • Comprehensive, yet simple. This 82-page manual covers everything from bobbin winding problems to bunching thread. Check out the Table of Contents for detailed information on each topic in the guide.

Except from Machine Parts Chapter

  • Current and relevant. Many of the sewing machine repair manuals available today haven’t been updated for a decade or more. Sew It Works! includes the latest recommendations for fixing most modern and vintage machines.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient. You’ll receive Sew It Works! as a PDF file instantly so you can print the entire manual if you want to have a copy by your sewing table, or save a few trees and print only the pages you need.
  • Picture of Quick Tip from guideMore than you asked for. In addition to step-by-step instructions for solving sewing machine problems, this manual offers handy tips and resources for organizing your sewing supplies, learning about the history of your machine, finding inexpensive sources for parts, and more.