There are so many different kinds of machines out there. How do I know that Sew It Works! will work for my machine?
There are hundreds of machines on the market today, from those with only a few stitch selections to ones that can embroider your mother’s portrait while filing your taxes and doing your laundry. While this guide has everything you need to address the common problems for the machines with motors and gears, it does not address the more complicated issues you can face with computerized machines. As a general rule of thumb, if you machine has a computer built in (such as an embroidery machine), you will need to take it to an authorized dealer or repair shop.

Will I have to read through the entire guide to find the information I need?
No, thank goodness! The “Problem Solver” section of the guide gets you right to the information you need. A handy table of contents and the search functions of a PDF help you find a solution that works in minutes.

I am a beginner. Will I be able to understand all the terms and jargon in this guide?
Yes! Especially because there are no technical terms and jargon in the Sew It Works! guide. Everything you need to know is explained with plain English and pictures. Best of all, by teaching you tricks to fix the most common problems, Sew It Works! keeps you from smashing your machine to smithereens or worse—putting it on a closet shelf and never looking at it again!

I am an experienced sewer. Is Sew It Works! still relevant for me?
Yes! Even master seamstresses have machine breakdowns now and again. This guide helps you take your sewing mastery to a new realm where few sewers dare to go—under the hood. Nothing can stop you now. Expect a new level of honor and reverence at your next sewing club meeting.

I am not mechanically inclined. Will I have difficulty using the techniques in this guide?

No, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of machine repair to use Sew It Works! This guide walks you through every step of the process, showing you what tools to use and where to put them to fix your machine woes.

I have a very old machine. Will Sew It Works! be useful for me?
As long as electricity runs through your machine, this guide can help you. If you have a treadle machine (the old fashioned kind with a foot peddle), you deserve a gold star and should find an experienced treadle restorer.

Does the guide cover common serger issues too?
Not at this time, unfortunately. But we know how frustrating those sergers can be. For now, we recommend keeping your sledgehammer far away from your serger at all times, and taking serger classes at your local fabric store or machine dealer.

Why do you sell Sew it Works! as an e-book rather than a hard copy?
There are several reason we designed Sew it Works! as an e-book. First, PDFs offer features that traditional ink-and-paper publishing do not. You can zoom in to pictures to see the details more clearly, click on hyperlinks and go directly to the web pages we reference, or search for any word or phrase you like, instantly. Second, without the burden of print-runs, an e-book is easier to keep current, making it possible for us to provide a guide for our customers that has been updated frequently. That way, you’ll be sure you have the latest and most relevant guide available. And finally, e-books save trees. You can always print your own hard copy if you want one.

What if I try the guide and still can’t fix my problem?
The vast majority of machine problems home sewers face can be fixed using this guide. However, occasionally machines parts wear out or break, and will have to be replaced. Sew It Works! helps you fix the problems you can handle and understand the problems you can’t. That way, you save yourself from unnecessary repairs, and make it easier on your repairperson if you must take it in. If you don’t feel the guide has been helpful, then you can ask for a refund it within 14 days of purchase.